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Who can order from Mediamarketplace?

The offers in this store are intended exclusively for industry, trade, crafts, associations, authorities, institutions and the liberal professions for use in professional, self-employed or commercial activities.

All prices include the legal value added tax.


Your questions


Do I/we receive the first order against invoice?

We allow delivery of goods on invoice from the very beginning, but payment of goods delivery via a more secure method of payment (prepayment of PayPal) is also possible.

For regular customers we set up a merchandise credit account. You can then order by e-mail or through the store. In these cases we also deliver against invoice.

We also reserve the right for regular orderers to stop delivery against invoice and to deliver only against prepayment.


We can only order against invoice, is that possible?

Authorities, institutions, schools, universities and companies can also receive their first delivery against invoice. If it is clear from the address data of the order that the order comes from this area, we automatically deliver against invoice.

In case of doubt, please contact us. Phone +49 6196 95 98 8-11*

(* the call costs according to local charges)


Invoice in paper form or as PDF document

In principle, we enclose invoices with the delivery bills to the packages.

In cases where the delivery address and the billing address are very different, we send the invoice by mail to the billing address. The paper delivery bills are also included in the package.

There is a possibility to specify a separate mail address for sending the invoice by mail. If no separate mail address is specified, then we send the invoice to the mail address of the orderer, which is specified in the order dialog.

In all cases the delivery bills in paper form are enclosed to the packages.


How can I/we pay?

Prepayment is intended for deliveries to new customers. You order the desired items. In the order dialog you choose the payment method -payment in advance. After that you will receive a confirmation by eMail with the necessary data. When the invoice amount is on our account, the goods will be shipped to you.

You can pay a delivery with your PayPal account. All data you provide with this payment method will be processed and stored by PayPal. If the payment is successful, the store only receives the release of the order and stores the reference number of the payment.

PayPal informs us that the payment was successful, then we ship the ordered items.

You can also pay our invoices with your PayPal account. To do so, please enter the voucher number (invoice number) and use our PayPal account details payment[at]

For regular customers we set up a merchandise credit account. You will receive the ordered items with an invoice, which you can pay within your payment term.


How fast do you deliver?

We stock frequently sold items and deliver them on the day of the order or on the following working day. Other items we deliver from factory stock. The delivery of these items will therefore be extended by a few days.

All items that can be ordered are marked with a traffic light, which has the following meaning:

green - orders received Monday - Friday before 3 pm, 3-4 working days
orange - orders will be shipped within 1 week
red - orders will be shipped within approx. 2 weeks

Please note that for deliveries across national borders, up to two - four days must be added to the delivery time.

Our stock is designed for normal business. It may happen that in case of strong demand for an item, the delivery time will be extended.

To which countries do you deliver?

We deliver exclusively Germany, France, Holland, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland . Deliveries to other countries are possible on request.

First time customers from countries of the European Union with tax number (VAT)
In Mediamarketlace, even if you enter a valid tax number (VAT/UID), it is not possible to automatically display the first order without VAT. We are obliged to check if the address information is correct and the tax number is valid. Only after the check we are allowed to release a VAT-exempt order. This will then be possible with the second order.

If you want to place your first order in the store VAT-exempt, send us your company details via the contact form. We will set up the customer account for you, with which you can then process your order VAT-free.

If you have a valid value added tax (VAT) number, the German VAT will not be shown on the invoice.


What is the minimum order value

We do not have a minimum order value.


What are the delivery costs

Delivery costs are calculated based on the weight of the goods delivery and include VAT.

Some countries can be selected directly in the store. (Belgium, France, Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland). For other countries we ask you to ask the delivery costs.

A delivery has arrived damaged. What to do?

If the damage is obvious, refuse to accept the package and inform us.

If the damage is not obvious, then inform us when you have unpacked the goods. We will resend the defective items to you and arrange to pick up the damaged items at no cost to you.


I did not receive the items I ordered. What to do?

Mistakes are annoying, but they happen. If you received goods that you did not order, please inform us. We will send you the correct items and take care of the return of the wrongly delivered goods, of course free of charge for you.


Can I return wrongly ordered items?

As a gesture of goodwill, we will take back incorrectly ordered items if the goods are saleable. To do so, please request a return slip from us.

We can no longer sell sales boxes that have labels on them or have markers on them, so we refuse to accept such returns. This also applies if the goods are returned to us without outer packaging.

Goods returned freight collect will not be accepted and will be returned to the sender.


Change of company name / address on the invoice

For a tax assessment of the invoice, especially for the input tax deduction, it is important that the company name and invoice address are correct. Unfortunately, it happens that customers do not provide the correct data in the store. In such cases, the accounting department calls us and asks for a change of the company name or invoice address.

In principle, a correction is possible. We need our original invoice with a handwritten or typed correction. We will then return the invoice with the correct company name/address by mail. Please note that the process does not interrupt payment deadlines.

It is easier for everyone if you make sure the information is correct.


Who answers questions about products, orders and deliveries?

At Mediamarketplace there is no hotline with a waiting loop. If you call, you can reach us directly. (phone 06196 - 95 98 8-11*) (Mail preferred [email protected])
(* the call costs according to local charges)

If all staff members are on hold, please contact us by mail: [email protected] We will get in touch with you as soon as possible.
We are open from Monday to Thursday from 9:00 - 17:00 and on Friday from 9:00 to 16:00. Outside these hours you can send us an eMail, which we will answer the next working day. E-mail: [email protected]